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Seasonal Clean-Ups
Spring and Fall Clean-ups

🌿 Revitalize your outdoor space with our spring and fall clean-up services! 🍂

Welcome the changing seasons with a burst of freshness by indulging in our expert lawn care services. At The Lady Bug, we understand that your outdoor space is a reflection of your home, and we're dedicated to ensuring it looks its best throughout the year.

🌸 Spring Clean-Up: Renewal and Restoration

As winter bids adieu, it leaves behind a landscape in need of revival. Our Spring Clean-Up services are tailored to breathe life back into your lawn after the cold months. Our skilled team will meticulously remove debris, fallen branches, and accumulated winter grime. We'll trim and shape your shrubs, if needed, and rake away remnants of last year's foliage. Our goal is to kickstart the growing season with a clean slate, ensuring your landscape thrives with vibrant colors and lush greenery.

🍁 Fall Clean-Up and leaf removal: Preparing for Winter's Embrace

As autumn ushers in a spectacular display of colors, it also brings the task of preparing your lawn and landscape for the winter ahead. Our Fall Clean-Up services are designed to safeguard your landscape from the harsh elements. We'll expertly trim back perennials and ornamental grasses as well as trim and shape shrubbery. Your landscape will be ready to burst forth with new life when spring arrives.

✨ Why Choose The Lady Bug for your Seasonal Clean-Ups?

  1. Expertise: Our team comprises skilled professionals with a deep understanding of seasonal lawn care needs.

  2. Tailored Solutions: We customize our services to suit your landscape's unique requirements, ensuring the best possible results.

  3. Timely Execution: Punctuality is our priority. We work efficiently to prepare your lawn for the upcoming season, whether it's the blossoming days of spring or the crispness of fall.

  4. Affordable Packages: Quality lawn care doesn’t have to break the bank. Explore our competitive packages designed to fit various budgets.

Embrace the beauty of every season with a well-maintained lawn. Contact The Lady Bug today and let us maintain your outdoor space across Ohio's seasons. 

Professional leaf clean up

Do you enjoy raking your own leaves?! The Lady Bug also does curbside pickup of leaves!

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